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Upload a Document

A video tutorial demonstrating the steps taken to upload a document to Mailing Online Pro can be found on YouTube:

Upload a Document to Mailing Online Pro

The following file types can be uploaded to Mailing Online Pro:








Documents must be properly sized and formatted before you upload them to Mailing Online Pro.  We have product templates in a variety of formats available for download.  

To upload a document, log in to your Click2Mail account and click "My Account.


Click "My Documents", located in the My Assets menu on the left.


Your My Documents table will load. Click "Upload New Document".


Select the type of mail piece you are sending from the "Product Type" menu. To locate the file you are uploading on your computer, click "Choose File". If you like, rename the document you are uploading. Click "Upload".


The newly uploaded document will appear in your "My Documents" list. Click the action menu on the right to start a job with the document, delete it, make a copy of it and more.