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Printing and Mailing Locations

Click2Mail uses a sophisticated process to route your mail pieces by individual ZIP Code to the closest production site to your recipients.  This results in your order being produced at one or more of our regional production sites.  Click2Mail production sites are located in Florida, Illinois and Michigan.

There are some mail pieces and mail classes that can only be mailed from some production centers.  For instance:

Certified letters are only printed and mailed from our Illinois and Michigan production centers.

Standard class mail, except courtesy reply letters, is printed and mailed from our Florida production center.  

Green postcards are printed and mailed from our Michigan and Illinois production centers.

Business and Courtesy reply postcards are printed in Michigan and Illinois.  Courtesy reply letters are printed in Illinois.

3.5 x 5 cards are only printed in Michigan.

Mailpieces with live stamps are only printed in Michigan.

Express and Priority Mail Express letters are only printed in Michigan.

Your mail pieces will be printed and processed at these locations, and once marked complete, will be delivered to USPS Business Mail Entry Units (BMEU) in cities local to the production sites. Once transferred to the BMEU, our partner, the USPS, will deliver your mail to your recipients.